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Niteblade Blog Train: Stop 15

Welcome to Inye Olea Ata – I Dream Again!

Some of you probably just climbed off Niteblade’s Blog Train, some are old followers and others just wandered in – to all of you I offer a hearty welcome to my blog.  Today, I’ll tell you a bit about me, talk about the birth of my story, “Dragons of Fire”, what it was like working with Niteblade to get said story in shape for publication, and then I’ll pass you on to your next station.

If you haven’t already, be sure to go visit the previous stop on the Niteblade Blog Train, Rhonda Parrish’s site – here.

To start things off, let me introduce you to myself and my blog.  My name is Alexis A. Hunter.  I’ve been writing since I was a child.  Instead of scrawling my stories in spiral bound notebooks, I now type them out on my laptop (thankfully!).  I’ve always loved speculative fiction, mostly fantasy – but I’ve ventured out in the past two years to just about every genre I can get my hands on.  I started this blog about two years ago when I decided to get back into writing more actively than I had been.  I had sort of set aside my writing in favor of more immediate concerns, but when life slowed down I decided to pick my dreams back up – thus the title.

But, enough of that boring stuff, let’s talk about Dragons of Fire.

Dragons of Fire is a flash fiction piece I wrote in May of 2011.  I had, that month, decided to partake in Story-a-Day May –  a challenge that entails writing a story each day in the month of May.  The prompt for that particular day was a set of Rory’s Story Cubes (below).

That day, I stared at these cubes.  I wrote down what they stood for: moon, shooting star, flashlight, clock/time, down, search, eye/sight, fish, dragon.  I played the words over and over through my head until at last some ideas began to emerge.  Night, shooting stars and dragons stood out the most and so Dragons of Fire was born.

In the months following that day, I continued to edit and submit my story to various places.  Early in 2012, I got an acceptance from Niteblade magazine.  Thrilled to have found a home for a piece I held near and dear, I looked forward to the editing process.

In April, we began editing.  Rhonda Parrish and I exchanged a few emails as she helped me smooth out some choppy sentences, eliminate an unnecessary slice of a scene, and generally help the piece shine all the better.  Working with Rhonda was a real pleasure.  She presented her suggested edits to me in a kind and helpful manner and encouraged me to email back with which suggestions I approved and disapproved of.  I can honestly tell you, there wasn’t one suggestion that I didn’t approve.  They all helped the piece shine brighter.

Dragons of Fire was published in the June issue of Niteblade Magazine, Issue 20: Carnivoyeur.  I have enjoyed reading all the other fine stories and poems included in the issue.  Niteblade will continue to be a favorite publisher of mine.  I hope to see them do well in the coming years and I know they can.  They certainly have great editors and a very reasonable price on their magazines.

So, that’s it.  I’ll stop detaining you for now.  You Blog Trainers can hop back on your train and I’ll send you off to your next destination – click here to chug on to Helen Peterson’s blog.  Another Niteblade contributor, tomorrow she’ll be continuing the train.

If you’re new to the Niteblade Blog Train, feel free to jump on in the middle of this ride.  Each blog post will link you to the previous blog post and the following one.  One post each day from August 8th to September 1st, we’ll be talking about Niteblade.  I hope you’ll join us.  🙂

Thanks for stopping in!

Alexis A. Hunter


2 thoughts on “Niteblade Blog Train: Stop 15

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  2. Alexis, thank you for participating in this blog train and for being a part of Niteblade 🙂

    I enjoyed the peek into what inspired Dragons of Fire, and hearing how the editorial process was from your point of view (It made me smile. A lot. Thank you). It was a pleasure to work with you and I hope to do it again someday 🙂

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